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Easy-to-Use, Efficient & Affordable Products from Steartech IT Solutions

Steartech IT Solutions brings the best-in-class managed IT services to your business. We allow you to focus more time on obtaining new clients and less time on researching solutions. Our products and services encompass everything you might need to run your business more efficiently.


Computer Systems Upgrade, Maintenance & Repairs

Steartech IT Solutions services all makes and models of PCs. From troubleshooting software and hardware conflicts to upgrades, we resolve your computer troubles quickly and with great affordability. Our upgrade components are competitive, and we guarantee our work.

Unified Communications

We provide growing companies several communication solutions to meet their business needs. From business phone systems and IP-based surveillance systems to integrated communications and networking. Call us today.

Domain Name & Email Services

To create a website or custom email address, you first need a domain name. A domain name is your Internet address that identifies your web location. Most businesses choose a domain that reflects their organization’s name. When you register a domain name, you can choose from an assortment of web address extensions, including .com, .net, .org, .info, .name, .biz and .ca. You can purchase one or as many extensions as you want to protect your domain name from competitors. (Extra extensions can be purchased at any time.)

Steartech IT Solutions’ Private Domain Registration keeps your contact information unlisted. When you register a domain using the normal domain registration process, your contact information appears in the public WHOIS database where anyone can view it. Now, you can help protect your privacy and reduce the likelihood of receiving spam.

Our Ad-Free Email Solution provides your employees with a highly-reliable, high-quality email service for a predictable cost. By choosing us, you never need to expend precious capital and human resources to run a comparable in-house system. With flexible access methods, management and administration tools and value-added services, we keep you communicating with the immediacy, efficiency and security your business requires.

Custom Websites

You have business goals and to prosper in today’s marketplace requires a web presence. Establishing that is one of the most important steps you take. There are many ways to do it, and it’s Steartech IT Solutions’ objective to ensure you do it right.

Your website is often the first impression a prospect has of your company. A professional website design, just like your letterhead, logo and other stationery, should project a distinct and positive image to those who see them. It should entice your site visitors to learn more about your company and to conduct business with you.

We offer affordable website design for small businesses that allows you to gain a competitive edge. A website promotes your services to the world, attracts new business, and captures information. Our sites are simple, clean and professional, and we use a simple process to develop and launch it.

Custom Applications

Sometimes, the only way to solve a problem is to develop a custom-built solution. That’s when Steartech IT Solutions programmers, network and systems analysts really shine. We deliver web applications that allow you to better manage your daily operations over the Internet and a system for streamlining production, improving efficiency, reducing overhead or increasing sales.

Steartech IT Solutions specializes in creating custom software applications for business, using state-of-the-art methods and the latest technologies. Services include complete systems analysis, design and implementation of Windows-based applications for XP, 2000, NT, 98, ME platforms. We also provide web-based applications to run across a variety of networks. We also build single computer applications.

Applications & Components

Web Design Microsoft .NET Applications
E-Commerce Sites Custom Reports
Client-Server Applications Smart Clients

Development Tools

Visual Studio C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET
XML & HTML JavaScript
Transact SQL ASP
Microsoft Project Microsoft Viso


SQL Server MS Access

Network Infrastructure Installations & Office Relocations

Steartech IT Solutions assists your business with the relocation of your IT infrastructure, whether it’s an office move or new site. We provide relocation for:

  • Servers
  • Network & Phone Cabling
  • Network Equipment
  • Telephone Equipment
  • Desktops
  • Printers

Products from Our Partners

More and more small businesses are turning to Steartech IT Solutions to manage their imaging and IT infrastructure. To meet the growing demand, we team with knowledgeable and expert industry partners to provide our clients the right mix of services, products and programs.

Computers & Servers
We features PCs, servers and laptops from industry leaders, such as Dell, Compaq, Hewlett Packard, and many others. Let Steartech IT Solutions know what you are looking for, and we will do our best to find it and get it for you with great service at an excellent price. If you cannot find a PC that meets your needs, we can build one to your specifications.

Software & Accessories
We offer a complete line of hardware and software from all the major vendors. Contact us today to get what you need.

Printers, Faxes & Compatible Toner Cartridges
We offer competitive prices on imaging and fax solutions from major manufacturers, including the latest color models. We also offer a wide variety of compatible printer toner cartridges and printer ink cartridges, as well as fax toner and cartridges, including our own name brand.

Network Equipment
We have years of network experience which we use to strategically determine the best equipment for your specific tasks and needs. We provide help for all levels of your network, from a simple two-computer setup to a complete corporate network, and everything in-between. Because of the customized nature of our network offerings, it is best to contact us. Then, we will meet with you to discuss your needs.

Surveillance Systems

StearTech IT Solutions installs quality video surveillance systems and provides complimentary vendor applications that allow you to see what your cameras are viewing in HD using your mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers.

Our surveillance systems include outdoor and indoor IP cameras, network video recorders for both recorded and live monitoring, as well as video management software.

Computer Cleaning

Many PC users are unaware of the need for cooling and ventilation. Your computer must circulate a significant amount of air to stay cool enough to operate properly. The computer fans take in cool air from outside the chassis and send the hot air out. This process leads to dust, dirt, carpet fibers, insects and animal hair being sucked into the computer. The dust and dirt works their way into the bearings of the motors that power your disk drives and cooling fans, ultimately wearing them out. Over time, the dust and carpet fibers generally coat most of the surfaces in the computer making it run too hot.

Overheating of your PC and servers can:

  • Cause your system to crash
  • Lose your valuable business data
  • Destroy and cut short the life of your systems components
  • Lead to expensive repair jobs

Steartech IT Solutions provides a preventative maintenance cleaning service that:

  • Cleans your computer inside and out
  • Ensures your fans and heat sinks are clean and in working order
  • Cleans your keyboard, mouse and monitor

Make your life easier and focus on running your business.